i Sky Music ~
by AllDayNight
This Relaxing Music will create a peaceful environment and relieve your stress

Mystery of Creation ~ by Frederic Michot
The Genesis of the Earth, endorsed by the famous Grand Couturier Designer Pierre Cardin: "This music is a real source of inspiration and a great moment of peace"

Odyssey 1497 ~
by Frederic Michot
Celtic instrumental music style. Concept Album for a movie project: Once upon a time, “Odyssey 1497”
Adventure – Romance – Fantasy

Awaken Asteroid 459 ~ by AllDayNight
A unique fully colored ambient experimental music in a New Age style. Melodic, harmonious, electric violin, vocal, pads, light beat. Must be heard...

The 7th Day ~
by Frederic Michot
Soundtrack of the Multi-Videos Project:
The 7th Day

Fantasy No 7 ~ Baroque violin Adriana Zoppo

Walking in Paris~
by Frederic Michot
Piano solo Ballade style.
Soundtrack of the video: Walking in Paris

Space 1
by Frederic Michot
Concept album
Let your imagination take control...