Violaine’s biography:
Trained at the contemporary dance conservatory in Nantes, France, and then at the acting school in Paris(les ateliers du Sapajou).In 2008 she joined Bordeaux’s Matamalam theater company where She performed in France and other European countries for 7 years. Most notably in “ Que ta volonté soit fête,” adapted from the memoir of Etty Hillesum .She also appeared in several short film, web series and television showsIn 2011 she traveled in the USA where she met the luminaries, Nicki Flaks (acting coach) ,Scott Williams (director), Jodi Rothfield (casting director ) and Frederic Michot (musician,composer)In 2012 she partnered with Frederic in a musical collaboration. Their first song ‘As de Coeur” was bought by the director Haroun Mahamat Saleh for his 2013 “Golden Palm” nominated film, GRIGRIS.

Violaine Dumoulin