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We are AllDayNight, a band by Los Angeles-based, prize-winning musician/author/composers, Frederic Michot and Adriana Zoppo. The mix of our different cultures and styles makes AllDayNight's music eclectic and original.

AllDayNight Founding Members

Frederic Michot
French Prize winning Music Composer and Songwriter.
After listening to Mystery of Creation Album by Frederic Michot, the worldwide famous Grand couturier designer Pierre Cardin gave Frederic his personal endorsement. 
“This music is a real source of inspiration and a great moment of peace.”

Adriana Zoppo
Ms. Zoppo plays for film and television soundtracks (Mad Men, American Idol), numerous symphony orchestras and has played concerts and recordings with Stevie Wonder, Andrea Boccelli, Madona, James Brown and many others…

Guest Artists

Constance Amelane
French Rock singer and much more
"The remarkable singing of Constance Amelane, one of the best vocalist of the country all families of rock, seduced in various registers, enlisting in her lyrical impulses, lacks neither beauty nor power."

Guest Musicians